The Elan law, introduced in 2018, aims to improve the living environment, promote access to housing and the construction of new housing. One of the levers provided for by the law is the sale of social housing, with the objective of increasing the number of homes sold per year from 8,000 to 40,000.

This new regulatory framework encourages lanlords to sell and invest in the construction of new homes. The stakes are to ensure that the target public, the tenants, can become buyers, but also the transition from the role of owner to that of co-ownership manager – framed by this same law.

Innovation affects all phases of the sales process to provide new answers. Some startups have developed solutions that enable social housing organizations to meet these challenges and imagine new offers: management of the sale by the landlord, disruption of access to ownership, management of condominium parks, etc.

We wanted to highlight 3 examples: Qlay, Up by Cellance and Ibaya. All 3 startups are part of the Innovative Housing ecosystem, designed and run by Impulse Partners in cooperation with the USH since 2016. Our startups speak english and would be happy to discuss with you should you have any questions or inquiries.

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