Robots are mechatronic devices (combining mechanics, electronics and computers) designed to automatically perform tasks that imitate or reproduce human actions.

If their use can replace the human, in the construction sector or industry, they are often used in addition to humans (collaborative robot or “cobot“). Exoskeletons, drones, autonomous machines or 3D printers are becoming more and more common on the construction site and tend to industrialize the construction process.

Technological developments have made it possible to develop robots that are more precise, fast, autonomous and capable of performing increasingly complex tasks. If until a few years ago, this type of solution remained anecdotal and expensive, we are now entering a standardization phase, which should lead to lower costs. The other major challenges in this market are integration with the rest of the value chain (digital design tools, smart buildings, etc.) and with operators – the issue of ownership remains strong.

The integration of robots on site is a vector of quality (thanks to their precision, and the time freed up for operators for higher value-added gestures), productivity gains, but also safety and prevention.

To give you some illustrations of robotics solutions in the construction sector, we wanted to highlight three of our start-ups: Civ Robotics, Xtreee and Paint Up.

Find the video pitches here:

The videos are in french but our startups speak english and would be happy to discuss with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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