European states, including France, are promoting “green” recovery plans. The challenge for industrial players is now to deepen and accelerate actions that will contribute to a new model that is sustainable, economically, socially and ecologically.

The maritime world has always shaped our civilizations, enabling us to feed ourselves through fishing, to assert a country’s domination through its naval power, to explore our world through more efficient ships… All these advancements are the result of numerous innovations.

After some time spent under the radar, the maritime sector is back in the spotlight and is once again a major focus of interest for many players:

  • Start-ups are developing in the maritime sector (e.g. data processing, algae exploitation, instrumentation, marine energy, plastic waste, etc.).
  • Investment funds and corporate ventures are accelerating their positioning in the maritime sector.

IMPULSE PARTNERS illustrates this dynamic with a few examples: monitoring of offshore infrastructures (Morphosense), protection of materials via graphene (BlackLeaf), underwater navigation aids (Elwave)…

Find the video pitches here:

The videos are in french but our startups speak english and would be happy to exchange with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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