The energy retrofitting of the building stock has become a national priority.

The ambition is to reduce energy consumption by 38% in 2025 and 67% in 2050 compared to 2010. This will notably involve renovating 20 million housing units by 2050 – a market worth 14 billion euros of work per year.

Energy renovation is therefore the source of new economic opportunities for all players in the real estate and construction value chain. Many contractors have designed solutions to contribute to these ambitious goals:

  • Firstly, by facilitating the energy diagnosis of buildings to inform and prioritize intervention decisions,
  • Once the decision to intervene is taken, by proposing all the tools necessary for the design, implementation (equipment, materials, …) and monitoring of the operation.

Within the Impulse Partners ecosystem, here are the areas of innovation to which our start-ups contribute:

  • Diagnostic tools: the prerequisite for any renovation is knowledge of the building stock and its energy profile. Our start-ups offer solutions to make this diagnosis more precise (notably with the help of sensors), and to prioritize operations by targeting the most energy-intensive buildings.
  • Design tools: simulate energy performance as well as possible by taking into account a large amount of data.
  • Building-integrated renewable energy production, whether solar, wind or geothermal.
  • Energy storage: sometimes produced on site, energy can be stored, in particular via batteries or hydrogen storage.
  • New insulation materials: innovation also affects construction products and processes.
  • New energy systems: start-ups are developing more efficient and environmentally friendly systems such as HVAC systems that no longer use refrigerant or shower trays that reuse the heat from grey water.
  • Global control and active management of equipment: beyond the equipment itself, it is the control of the equipment itself that is optimized and operated remotely thanks to the solutions of our start-ups.
  • User support: whether through digital tools, gaming and field animation, a final area of innovation focuses on informing and educating occupants.

Today, we have chosen to present several illustrations of this through the pitches of three of our start-ups: ActivSkeen (renewable energy production), Cap Renov + (diagnostic tools), and Openergy (design tool).

Find the information and video pitches here

The videos are in french but our startups speak english and would be more than happy to discuss with you, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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