Construction jobs are changing and demand is also accelerating, as more than 250,000 people will need to be recruited between now and 2023 simply to meet the energy renovation targets for buildings.

Despite the health crisis and the drop in the number of building permits, the construction sector continues to need workers, and 46,000 positions are to be filled in the Paris region, driven by major projects such as the Greater Paris project and the 2024 Olympic Games.

This strong demand is accompanied by incentives for hiring young people (stimulus plan). The challenge is therefore the ability of the building and public works trades and their training to attract young people

This challenge of attractiveness is addressed by both training organizations and recruiting companies. They can rely on solutions that :
Structurally, work to reduce the drudgery of construction trades (automation, ergonomics, health and safety, digitalization),

Facilitate the path of young people within the world of construction, from their recruitment (by broadening the target perimeter to be as wide and mixed as possible), to their graduation and eventual retraining, through their connection with companies,

Transforming the image of these professions by promoting their know-how and their contribution to the ecological transition. Taking into account the aspirations of the new generations (search for meaning, gender diversity, ecological transition, etc.) is a key factor in the attractiveness of the construction industry.

Discover three actors (associations and start-ups) who are part of this dynamic: Reverto (deconstruction of stereotypes around the construction industry), La Fresque du Climat (highlighting the link between construction and environmental challenges) and Du Coté des Femmes (awareness and inclusion of women in jobs considered traditionally male).

Their video pitches are in french (find them here) but we are happy to put you in contact, our startups speak English!

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