Here is a short summary of what happened in the last 6 months focusing on our startup ecosystem – fully available in the newsletter below.

The Impulse Partners ecosystem currently has 813 startups in the city, energy and industry sectors. Since June 2021, 84 startups have joined our innovation platforms.  Impulse Partners operates thematic open innovation platforms under its “Impulse Labs” brand, or on behalf of its partners.

Here are some headlines from our startups:

  • Fundraising & Acquisitions: Resolving joins the Kairnial Group, AOS raised 9 million, Wattsense was acquired by the Siemens Group, ect.
  • Commercial Development: Novaccess is the winner of the Mutuelle Intégrance, Tri-O Greenwishes recycles masks from the APHP, Papernest has had a rapid development with social housing landlords, ect.
  • New Products & Offers: Maximum manufactures mass-produced furniture from industrial waste, Comin VR has designed a module dedicated to training and reminding slinging rules, Godecision is releasing a web application for construction professionals to model their projects, ect.

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