In recent years, the French construction industry has been experiencing a certain dynamism due to major regional, national and international operations and according to the Q4 2021 Global Construction Survey, the construction industry in France is expected to grow by 11.6% to reach €148,681 million in 2022.

Thanks to French global leaders listed in the “Top 30 Global Construction Companies in terms of revenue”, France is one of the leading markets in Construction and is a gateway to other European markets.

The French territory will soon be the laboratory of the city of tomorrow, thanks in particular to large-scale operations of international scope, such as the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Grand Paris Express and many other real estate and urban development projects in French cities and metropolises.

Government spending on infrastructure projects is expected to boost the long-term growth of the construction sector in France.

In this context, Impulse Partners, being an innovation specialist in the sectors of construction, real estate, city infrastructure, energy and having a rich ecosystem consisting of over 850 startups, 150 corporate players, 50 investors and numerous public players, will support the implementation of innovation in French operations.

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