Fundraising and Acquisitions

Thermosphr has announced a fundraising round in November 2021. Thermosphr closed a pre-seed funding round with Wi Venture, seed + speed Ventures, High Rise Ventures GmbH, Entrepreneur First, and other investors. Click here to learn more.

Cikaba offers a turnkey solution for digital training and testing of QHSE rules designed for all audiences. The start up raised €2.3M in March to accelerate its growth in the field of occupational risk prevention.

Commercial Development

Aktio, a platform that calculates the carbon footprint of real estate operations, supports new clients committed to reducing their carbon footprint in the real estate sector (RIVP, Terideal) as well as in industry (Butagaz).

Artify offers a connected digital board that can display more than a thousand digital artworks in high quality. The start up is working with the BPCE group as part of their “Well program”, and with Covivio for the CB21 Tower in La Défense.

New Products and Offers

Geb Solutions offers a solution of dehydrators to treat and valorize bio-waste with machines that transform food scraps into substrate (powder) that can be used as fertilizer, composting or approved methanization. Geb Solutions has just announced their next solution which will arrive at the end of 2022: the recycling of food waste.

GenieVision offers a one-year trial period for new customers. In addition to providing access to their solution, GenieVision offers support on pilot projects. For more information click here.

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