Fundraising and Acquisitions

BATIS is a software dedicated to the construction industry which allows to create, gather, control and sign administrative and contractual documents. The startup is looking to raise €600,000 before the end of the fourth quarter 2022, to finance R&D and business development.

FeelObject proposes an application and plans in Braille that allows mobility in autonomy for all visually impaired and blind people inside or outside. The startup is looking to fundraise €600,000 by the end of the third quarter 2022.

Commercial Development

Homeys analyzes, thanks to connected temperature and hygrometry sensors, building data to monitor comfort, heating system settings and the energy and environmental performance. The startup has announced the creation of a new offer to enable all landlords in France to reduce rental charges in the common areas of the buildings they manage.

Hydrao develops a smart and connected shower head that reduces water and energy consumption. The solution has a flow rate limiter which helps save 45 to 66% of water and a color system which indicates the amount of water used. The startup signed a framework contract with Eiffage for the supply of sanitary equipment, in particular its hydro-economical, educational, and connected shower head.

New Products and Offers

With social landlords in mind, Homeys has developed its new delivery point study tool in order to be able to recover data from communicating meters in common areas and thus optimize the subscriptions of these meters and generate real savings.

JLL Spark invests in technology startups that are disrupting the real estate industry. Today, its portfolio includes more than thirty PropTech startups ranging from sustainable development to smart buildings and Fintechs.

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