🚀 [Startup news] // We are delighted to welcome 5 new startups to our Circular Cities and Territories platform!

👉 Congratulations to Arqlite, Circular11, Kertalg, NEOLITIK and POOLP – for plastic loop who convinced our partners!

👉 Arqlite proposes an industrial tool to transform non-recyclable plastics into light artificial gravel with insulating properties 👏 Sebastian Sajoux

👉 Circular11 produces high-performance interlocking building materials from plastic waste and silica-based binders 👏 Benjamin Gibbons

👉 Kertalg designs environmental micro-methanization biorefineries, which process reasoned volumes of organic waste to create green energy, in the form of biogas or electricity 👏 Tom Revil

👉 NEOLITIK produces outdoor flooring tiles made from an innovative material made from 98% recycled raw materials 👏
Marc Dib

👉 POOLP – for plastic loop offers electrified architectural design solutions and finishes through 3D printing, combining waste and bio-based materials 👏 Lorenzo Fauvette

🙌 A big thank you also to the platform partners Bouygues Construction, Eiffage, FFB – Fédération Française du Bâtiment, JLL, Léon Grosse, Veolia and SUEZ!

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