📢 [Event] // Live from the #24hduBâtiment FFB – FĂ©dĂ©ration Française du Bâtiment and the Impulse startup village!

🚀 Delighted to animate the innovation village, and to make building companies and construction actors discover innovative solutions that are transforming the sector: AEXDO, Alobees, CAD42, Caeli Energie, Clovis, Dispatcher-pro, ECODROP, Fortera Corporation, Néolithe, Nooco, StockPro, Subclic, Teamoty, Tracktor and TRAXXEO S.A.

đź’ˇ Exchanges and pitch sessions punctuated the day on the theme of limiting environmental impact and improving productivity:
– Site management
– Site optimization
– Optimization & management of materials
– Waste management and recovery
– Measuring & reducing carbon impact

đź’Ą Highlights of the day: the visits of the President of the FFB Olivier SALLERON, the Minister of the City and Housing Olivier Klein, the President of the Union sociale pour l’habitat Emmanuelle COSSE and the President of the IA Commission Cecile Mazaud

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