[Partnership] // We are proud to accompany the innovative pilots of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Catalyst!

💡 We piloted the launch of the experimentation between the City of Levallois and the start-up Kabin, which offers self-service mobile offices to nomadic workers

👉 Kabin was able to set up two booths, easily bookable for fifteen minutes or a day, in the public space of Levallois: one in the city hall and the other at l’Escale, the cultural center of the commune

🤝 Our support has resulted in the highlighting of innovative solutions in connection with the sector, the establishment of binomials (city/start-up), the search for external funding, the setting up and monitoring of projects

🙌 Bravo to Kabin, the City of Levallois, Le Catalyseur and the Metropole du Grand Paris for this experimentation!

#experimentation #entrepreneurship #POLD

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