Innovation is a key part of companies growing and staying up to date with current market trends. The industrial sector has historically been a leader in innovation, observing today a transition towards a new phase: Industry 4.0. Impulse Partners has extensive reach in the industrial field both in France as well as internationally.

Our expertise is reflected in our long-term collaboration with John Cockerill, a major actor in the fields of energy, industry, and manufacturing. Impulse Partners has previously advised the company on Market’s Deep Analysis (for the Investment Committee), in Due Diligence (for the Board of Directors’ decision to invest), as well as supporting the invested start-ups in their international development.

The design and launch of Industrya, a completely autonomous Corporate Venture Fund structure of the John Cockerill Industrial Group marks the next step of this lasting collaboration between the two companies. The methodological expertise and understanding of the Industry 4.0 challenges of our team, as well as the nature of John Cockerill businesses, its governance, and operational functioning, were enabling factors to define the development strategy and provide support to the launch of the first investment reviews, and staffed the investment fund.

Industrya is a 42 million euro investment fund that operates exclusively in the Industry 4.0, energy, and new materials sectors. This investment fund was launched in Belgium in June 2020.

Impulse Partners’ role in the project took hold in the early stages. Elaborating the business plan and challenging the content of the project was a key step in supporting this initiative. Part of it was focused on the tone and language used to communicate with startups, and how to adapt to the new modes of communication between corporate players and SMEs.

Along with being a CVC fund, the program has a broader scope of supporting startups in the long term, including workspace hosting, and coaching in the different innovation hubs operated by the partners of Industrya.

Some of our assessments includes:

  • Co-design of the project
  • Elaboration of the business plan
  • Content challenge (termsheet, website, …)
  • Member of the management team (co-CEO / CIO)
  • Identify the best startups/scaleups
  • Due diligence of startups/scaleups
  • Coaching startups/scaleups

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