The construction sector faces many challenges as the energy and environmental transition has significantly impacted materials, construction techniques, and building design needs. This shift is driving stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices and innovative technologies to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly buildings and infrastructure.

Concerns including energy consumption, waste generation, and water use can be addressed from a technological and innovative perspective by optimizing operations, materials, and logistics. Environmental matters, such as climate change, have a global impact and require global solutions. By collaborating and sharing knowledge, global construction leaders can work together to develop and implement solutions that have a significant environmental impact. Collaboration and knowledge sharing maximize the potential for innovation. Interdisciplinary collaboration brings together different perspectives and skills to develop new ideas and approaches.

While numerous contractors, engineers and architects have established innovation departments and venture investment vehicles, these largely take place centralized at headquarters and this R+D spending/investment is among the lowest of any established industry at a fraction of annual revenue below 1%. Furthermore, these companies largely take a view on innovation similar to that they do on a project site: through their own lens. It is often difficult to get a contractor to see through the eyes of an architect or that of an architect through an engineer. Further, building codes and practices remain antiquated and have not provided the incentives to promote the radical change required to match the challenges of climate change. Municipal authorities are also taking initiatives to encourage innovations, but they are generally very local and limited by the possibility to innovate within public tenders.

Impulse Partners is currently bringing together companies from around the world to execute a global initiative to boost construction tech innovation, accelerate go-to-market, and help startups scale. The Global ConTech Program is our first fully international platform gathering a limited number of multinational corporations who are committed to driving change in the construction industry.

Our goal is to bring together different stakeholders that consider innovation as a priority in areas including sustainability and next-generation technologies. Through startup pitch sessions and digital events, we aim to connect startups with our partners and encourage collaborations and pilots between them fostering collaborative projects.

By dedicating each edition to a different discussion topic in the sphere of Digital Transformation and Sustainable Construction, players will have the opportunity to showcase their projects and solutions that meet the growing need for more sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices.

Each Global ConTech session will take place at two different times, one focused on our partners in Europe and Asia, and a second focused on our partners in North and South America.

International collaborations on innovative solutions can have significant benefits for businesses, the environment, and society. By working together, companies can develop solutions that promote sustainability, while gaining a competitive advantage and complying with regulatory requirements. We believe that the construction sector can benefit from this initiative to accelerate an innovation strategy and strengthen innovation leadership within the construction industry.

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