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  • Rcup
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    Rcup is the creator of 3D-printed, connected morphological soles conceived for runners and workers.
  • Syment
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    Platform enabling exchanges between the owners (co-owners in apartments, individual houses, social landlords, land) and their real estate eco-system (tenant, manager, stakeholder), at each stage of their real estate project
  • Hub-grade
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    Digital platform that connects companies with unused office space and professionals looking to rent offices for a flexible period.
  • LBInventive
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    Real estate app that simplifies researchs for private individuals (geolocation, transparency of property’s information…)
  • Syscobat
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    Constructive system "B2R+" wood / concrete. With a flame retardant, water-repellent and paint-ready interior, it is at the crossroads of the circular economy and the digital revolution.
  • Jooxter
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    Indoor micro-location system which optimizes working space within a building (dynamic room reservation, using informal space etc).
  • HabX
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    Disruptive innovative process to produce fast and on demand housing
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    Artificial intelligence that simplifies the information flow and reporting. This machine-learning solution minimizes project management risks and optimizes organization.
  • Elax Energie
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    Real-time control and monitoring of the energy stored in electric hot water cylinders to match energy consumption and production.
  • Insiteo
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    Geolocated mobile services. The technology enables to anonymously geolocate devices while the applicaiton is closed and the smartphone on standby mode.
  • CAD42
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    Real time positioning system aiming on building sites. It helps to reinforce security of people and equipment thanks to a connected technology.

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