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Construction and Energy
Digital Construction and Robotics
Disruptive Real Estate
Mobility and Infrastructure
Plant 4.0
Social Housing
  • Terabee
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    Robotic navigation that enables to analyze complex environments
  • GoalMap
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    Employee wellness programs combining digital and physical coaching. Programs measure employees' well-being, reduce their stress level and improve their productivity.
  • Little Thumb
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    System of location and guidance focusing on the needs of large public users, to facilitate the movement of people inside buildings etc.
  • City Lity
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    Social platform which connects its users with organization (social housing, city hall...) to facilitate communication and daily management of a building/district/town.
  • DrivEco
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    Recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles, using 100% solar energy
  • Disruptive Technologies
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    Offers an end-to-end wireless sensor solution, revolutionary in terms of simplicity, robustness, scalability and total cost of ownership. The world’s smallest sensors.
  • La Mama des chantiers
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    Innovative service of restauration for construction sites
  • Avis Locataire
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    Web platform that helps landlords improve tenants' satisfaction, through feedback automation (e-mails and text messages)
  • Combo Solutions
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    Saas platform for designers and manufacturers seeking to reduce their uncertainties and consolidate their margins on low-carbon operations.
  • io-technologies
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    Integration of connected objects to provide a material and software automation solution for switchboards.
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    SMOCKEO offers the possibility to consult and manage your detectors using your smartphone.
  • Qualisteo
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    Energy consumption monitoring system with smart sensors allowing a multi-fluid cartography by zone, device and uses.

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