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  • Syscobat
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    Constructive system "B2R+" wood / concrete. With a flame retardant, water-repellent and paint-ready interior, it is at the crossroads of the circular economy and the digital revolution.
  • Qivivo
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    Thermostat that takes into account the environment (building heat, weather) and the occupants’ habits to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption. It works without internet connexion.
  • ContractChain
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    ContractChain uses the blockchain technology to digitalise, authenticate, simplify and ensure the accuracy of construction contracts.
  • Diota soft
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    Augmented reality applications for professionals.
  • Wise Building
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    Wise Building is a mobile app aiming to guide office buildings in their digital transformation by turning them into smart, practical and pleasant workspaces.
  • Stimul
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    Digital curriculum enabling employees to combat sedentary lifestyles through exercises and nutrition.
  • Green Me
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    Connected object that measures some indoor environmental parameters and links them with the level of occupants’
  • Urbalia
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    Service offering communities, developers and construction stakeholders solutions to take into account biodiversity that promotes the sustainability of their projects
  • Avis Locataire
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    Web platform that helps landlords improve tenants' satisfaction, through feedback automation (e-mails and text messages)
  • Iara
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    Augmented reality solution making virtual digital images of the construction site available in real time and optimizing its content's contextualisation.
  • Phitech
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    Phitech develops innovative solutions to make transport, building and roadway accessible for the blind and the visually impaired.
  • 1001 rues
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    Playful application to enable consulting letters and residents. Participative democracy in the urban projects.

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