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Construction and Energy
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Disruptive Real Estate
Mobility and Infrastructure
Plant 4.0
Social Housing
  • Hub-grade
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    Digital platform that connects companies with unused office space and professionals looking to rent offices for a flexible period.
  • PersEE
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    Decision-making tool that can simulate possible ways of using hydrogen as a source of energy and evaluate the economic and environmental consequences.
  • Sylfen
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    Development of integrated storage and energy production solutions for buildings and eco-neighborhoods wishing to source their energy needs from local and renewable sources.
  • Airthium
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    Airthium developed energy storage units thanks to compressed air technology. The product aims solar and wind farm
  • Soldating
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    A trade platform where professionals can exchange materials
  • 1001 rues
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    Playful application to enable consulting letters and residents. Participative democracy in the urban projects.
  • Egreen
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    Management of water consumption, electricity, gas by monitoring and support. A platform with fun and social features (challenges, video games in particular)
  • Habiteo
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    Digital solution consisting of scanning real estate properties and enabling everyone to visit it remotely.
  • Phitech
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    Phitech develops innovative solutions to make transport, building and roadway accessible for the blind and the visually impaired.
  • Ameublea
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    Rental of furniture and interior decoration catered to real estate professionals
  • Innovalys
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    Concrete passive buildings with prefabricated outer insulation which guarantees « 0 thermal bridge ».
  • My Seat
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    Connected sensors to measure the occupation of workspaces in the tertiary sector
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