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Mipim Proptech Europe 2019

Lucas Colombies

Impulse Partners, Arp-Astrance and the CSTB Lab were present for the second consecutive year at MIPIM Proptech Europe with 9 startups.

Inch : Simplifies trustee and property management activities and improves the relationship between property managers, residents and suppliers.

Kandu : Helps firms creates pleaseant, healthy and efficient workspaces while sharing knowledge about interior and building design (air quality, light, temperature and acoustic).

Up Factor : Digital tool to see if which building can be elevated and which cannot.

Attestis : Solution to prove the continuous display of building permit notice signs that relies on geolocation, the IoT

Flitdesk : All-in-one application to manage workspace and meeting rooms bookings, office management, all kind of deliveries (food, parcels, mails…).

Inch : Inch simplifies the activity of trustees and real estate management by improving relationships between residents, asset managers and suppliers.

HxExperience : A developer and operator of digital services for buildings, enabling operators and managers to optimize the operation of their buildings and to maximize its use.

Pick a brick : Pick a Brick allows company to innovate in a real estate programs while respecting all technical, time and budget constraints.

Iara : Augmented reality solution making virtual digital images of the construction site available in real time and optimizing its content’s contextualisation.

Wizzcad : Mobile solutions for the operational monitoring of construction sites: digitization of operational processes related to construction, document management, application of QSE processes and management of installations and buildings.

In addition to the meetings on their stand, links between start-ups and large groups have been created, thanks to the cocktail co-organized between JLL, Quartus and Impulse Partners.

Impulse Partners also facilitated two panel discussions on the following topics:

Is building information Modeling adapted to real estate ? curated by Antoine Thullier – Impulse Partners, with Gonçalo Ducla Soares – Bouygues Immo, David Ernest – Vinci Facilities, Frédéric Ouyen – Builders & Partners

« Investment trends: shared views from all stakeholders », curated by Thomas Le Diouron –Impulse Partners, with Samantha Jérusalmy -Elaia Partners, Tanguy Quero – JLLSpark, Benoit Dupont – WeMaintain, Diego Harari- Vinci Immobilier, Olaf Ten Duis- Innogy .