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The meeting between two worlds

For companies, organizations and startups, Innovation Labs are business gas pedals. We strengthen their ability to explore new avenues, experiment with new models, and invest in new businesses.

‘We believe that innovation comes through collaboration and encounters.

That's why we've been running Innovation Labs for several years now, bringing together not only start-ups, but also all types of organizations in the sectors we run, to encourage, stimulate and accelerate innovation between players. We're proud to count several hundred experiments with innovative solutions in the field resulting from collaborations between traditional players and start-ups.‘

Stéphanie Bigeon-Bienvenu

Associate - Impulse Partners


Identify new levers for growth and inspiration


An international pool of innovative solutions is sourced and qualified to meet the needs of our customers.


Regular meetings, presentation sessions and workshops between partners are organized to discuss the innovation challenges facing each.


Innovation projects are launched jointly with some or all of our partners.


Each partner benefits from the advice of innovation consultants for its own needs: collaboration, research, tailor-made advice.


Participation in an Innovation Lab is guaranteed to reinforce the innovative image of the players and the attractiveness of the sector.

Invest in innovative startups

Impulse Partners also boasts a network of more than 100 investors specializing in the sustainable city sector worldwide, all of whom are partners our customers can rely on for their investment operations.

Your innovation Labs

TotalEnergies - Plant 4.0
Identifying and attracting the most revolutionary Industry 4.0 start-ups from around the world.
Accelerate startups and their technology deployment on construction jobsites in Canada.
Barton Malow
Accelerate startups and their technology deployment on construction jobsites in the United States.
Carbon Climat - SEKOYA
Supporting the deployment of low-carbon solutions to combat climate change. Deploying innovations and helping to improve the quality of life of local residents.
CRH Ventures
Acceleration programme focusing on solutions that meet the challenges and issues of sustainable road construction.
Opening up EVOLEN's industrial ecosystem to start-ups offering innovative solutions to the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.
Industrya - John Cockerill
Supporting the bold, innovative start-ups that are shaping tomorrow's industry and world.
Impulse star-ups Labs

Startups transform the equilibrium

Entrepreneurs develop solutions that are likely to be sources of innovation: new technologies, new services, original business models. For startups, Innovation Labs are opportunities for acceleration:

  • Meetings with key industry players, investors, future customers and specifiers
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Detection of areas for experimentation

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We brought them together

Kompozite + Saint-Gobain

Kompozite is accelerating the low-carbon transition in the construction sector by disseminating environmental data on materials.

Akhantas + Bouygues Construction

The main objective was to optimise and automate the collection process for the various waste streams generated on the site, while identifying any sorting anomalies.

Circouleur + Eiffage - Covivio

Circouleur offers the general public and building professionals high-quality acrylic paints with a reduced ecological footprint.

SiteFlow + Orano

Backed by a team with experience in special works and the nuclear industry, Siteflow supports companies in their digital transformation.

Procivis + Saqara

The Procivis network uses the Saqara solution to optimise their calls for tender. Saqara speeds up referencing, encourages collaboration with unknown companies, and helps to optimise construction costs, which are crucial to project completion.

Hiboo + SUEZ

Faced with environmental challenges, SUEZ has teamed up with Hiboo to reduce its fleet's CO2 emissions by using data analysed via the startup's platform.

The Cross Product + SNCF

SNCF and The Cross Product have joined forces to work on software for the automatic analysis of track geometry using 3D LiDAR data. This pilot project generated geometry analyses in just 30 minutes.

Borobo + Eiffage

BOROBO is a start-up that designs and markets an autonomous robotic transport platform for private individuals and professionals.

Buildots + Leon Grosse

Buildots uses AI and computer vision to improve traditional project management methods, introducing a performance-based approach to construction project management.


Our clients and partners testify

‘For me, it brings 3 things to belong to the Lab:

The first is to be able to continuously monitor the issues that are important to us. It also means having access to a flow of qualified start-ups. Lastly, we're going to be able to give our employees a real sense of culture, so that innovation is everywhere in the Bouygues Construction company.‘

Noémie EscaithFormer Open Innovation Manager - Bouygues Construction

‘What makes the difference is the quality of the management team and the efficient consultants, their agility and responsiveness in adapting to our needs.

Impulse's support has been invaluable in immersing our intrapreneurs in the start-up ecosystem, acting as external mentors to the incubated team and to our internal governance bodies. They challenge us on our internal decision-making and operating methods. Our collaboration is fruitful and leads to the realization of projects.‘

Marine ZimmermannHead of EDF Pulse Incubation

‘Impulse Partners is both consulting and something very pragmatic.‘

Clémence GarciaStrategy & Communications Director - Alliade Habitat

"As an engineer at setec we have a lot of technical skills, but we didn't know much about setting up a whole new business.

Impulse's method is very interesting from that point of view. The studio's runs enable us to structure things and have precise objectives with measurable results as the project progresses."

Charles CantogrelCo-founder of revoco project - Groupe setec

‘We chose to turn to Impulse Partners to help us structure a roadmap that would be consistent with our strategic roadmap, and also enable us to go out and find start-ups that could offer us rapid solutions.’

Clémence GarciaStrategy & Communications Director - Alliade Habitat

‘It's a win-win situation, because for the start-ups it's a way of confronting their market. For us, the initial aim was to explore what could be done.‘

Antoine GibourMarketing and Innovation Director - Leon Grosse

‘Sekoya is a French industrial club dedicated to Low Carbon, bringing together players who are contributing, through their capacity for innovation, to the urgent shift towards this new economy.’

Benoît de RuffrayCEO of Eiffage

‘The aim that we have is actually to be able to take the good ideas from the startups, but then integrate them into these large industrial companies to try and have pilots or tests to see if these ideas can help us with the challenges we have."

Myriam CuylaertsProduct and Value Manager - TotalEnergies

‘We were lucky enough to be accelerated at a very early stage, i.e. from 2019 at Upfactor, before our first fundraising round, which enabled us to become known to investors and to be able to try out our message.’

Didier MigneryPresident founder - Upfactor

Join Impulse Partners Innovation Labs

  • A team of experts to shed light on your innovation strategies
  • An international pool of innovative solutions
  • A network of companies to share, exchange and set up projects
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