Innovation Consulting

Impulse Partners is reinventing the strategy consulting model by integrating the driving forces of innovation that are fuelling the transitions ahead: innovation labs, start-up investment, entrepreneurship, third places, new studio offerings, etc.

Enlightening, guiding, accelerating, implementing

Since 2011, Impulse Partners has been providing its expertise in strategic and operational innovation consultancy to support major groups, professional organisations, local authorities, SMEs and start-ups.

  • Strategic studies and benchmarks: providing input for our customers' thinking on new issues: biomaterials, water issues, artificial intelligence, digitalisation, decarbonisation, etc.
  • Strategic planning: helping managers to define and implement their strategic roadmap.
  • Innovation organisation: identifying key success factors and proposing processes and governance for innovation.
  • Open innovation systems: equipping the company with new tools to create value beyond its historical model (start-ups, corporate ventures, entrepreneurship, spin-offs, innovation hubs, etc.).

‘We support both business experts and Comexes in defining their innovation strategy.

How do I innovate internally? How do I work with external start-ups? How do I invest in innovative companies? Working with Impulse Partners means being supported both in defining your innovation strategy and in implementing it, on a day-to-day basis, with people who innovate and an ecosystem of entrepreneurs.‘

Jérôme Pasquier

Partners - Impulse Partners

Our expertise

Consulting services

Innovation Governance

Advice to senior management, strategic alignment and direction.

Research, benchmark and case studies

Mapping stakeholders and solutions internationally, comparing with peers to better position and strengthen the impact.

Market study

Anticipating business potential and improving performance.

Innovation roadmap

Providing strategic advice, expertise, methodologies, pace and ad hoc resources to manage innovation projects.

Investments, Acquisitions, Due diligence

Corporate Accelerator programs

We leverage on our extensive knowledge of corporate-startup collaboration to support our clients willing to engage in start-up challenges, incubators, accelerators, investment funds...

our method

An historical experience of city sectors and innovators

Our experience in innovation consulting is based on solid knowledge of the construction, infrastructure, industry, energy and real estate sectors. Our analyses are enriched by our knowledge of the key players and innovators in the value chain.

  1. Listening for signals

    Interviews with employees, benchmarks in France and abroad, exchanges with stakeholders and start-ups.

  2. Analyze and compare

    Synthesize findings and strategic orientations, enrich them through interaction with decision-makers and stakeholders, and draw up recommendations for action.

  3. Accelerate and implement

    Accompaniment in implementing actions, design assistance, facilitation of experimentation, animation of internal innovation dynamics, production and dissemination of content.

  4. Measure and reinforce

    Importance of Key Performance Indicators, assessment and feedback.


A multidisciplinary team and unique sector knowledge

For each project, we assemble a dedicated team of consultants and experts, bringing together international talents with a wide range of skills. Our multi-disciplinary team excels in specific fields such as innovation management, strategy, marketing, engineering, architecture and entrepreneurship.

We have a strong background in the urban sectors, and many of our employees come from these backgrounds: particular attention is paid to the diversity of profiles and personalities in our team.


They trust us

Air Liquide

Advice and recommendations for the refurbishment of the Saclay R&D laboratory.


Identify opportunities for a Group entity's water strategy by referencing pioneering countries in water management, best practices and the positioning of other players in the value chain.


Explore market opportunities and strategic positioning in the renovation sector (market analysis, benchmarking, recommendations).

Circular economy market study

A Europe-wide study of all the ecosystems (funds, universities, laboratories, etc.) providing circular economy solutions for industry and filtering for Orano's businesses.


Testimonials from our clients and partners

‘Impulse Partners is both consulting and something very pragmatic.‘

Clémence GarciaStrategy & Communications Director - Alliade Habitat

‘Thanks to Impulse Partners, we're tuned in to market trends, new businesses, new activities.‘

Olivier DelamarreStrategy & Development Director - Léon Grosse

"Impulse Partners has a fresh look in a very conservative industry, a young and innocent look but without certainty or arrogance.

Impulse has helped us a great deal to make progress on issues such as carbon footprinting, strategic animation and development in the energy field, concretes of the future, and also partnership projects with start-ups in the property sector and industries related to the construction trades. We appreciate their know-how and they know how to speak the language of builders, developers, architects and customers. We value their interpersonal skills, and they know how to speak the language of builders, developers, architects and customers."

Jérôme GrosseChairman of the Supervisory Board - Léon Grosse

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