Reinventing models

Real Estate

The real estate sector is at a turning point, whether in terms of business models, uses or the need to take account of environmental issues. All stakeholders in the industry are affected by these changes, which are forcing them to innovate and reinvent themselves.

Accelerate change

Economic conditions and climate change, as well as the pressing demand for housing, social developments and changes in working practices, all mean that we need to rethink the types of products and services offered to residents, users and customers.

With this in mind, stakeholders in the sector need to take strong action to develop and transform their activities and property assets, while limiting their environmental impact, whether through renovation of existing assets or low-carbon new construction.


Impulse Partners is accelerating the transformation of housing players in France and abroad

Helping real estate stakeholders define their strategic frameworks for innovation and environmental transition. These strategies are translated into operational action plans, which guarantee the deployment of innovation at the heart of their businesses and activities.

  • Facilitating the identification of alternative construction and management models and offering new services to users.
  • Helping to define the positioning, offerings, operations and skills development of the teams of our customers and partners - landlords, developers and property companies.
  • Detecting and providing access to the many opportunities offered by new technologies and start-ups, to explore new business models with a pool of 3,000 start-ups in France and abroad, some of which are specifically dedicated to innovative housing

‘Impulse Partners is accelerating the transformation of the housing sector: landlords, property developers and property developers in France and abroad.

At Impulse, we are convinced that innovation is a key lever for finding the models, tools and methods that will enable housing players to face up to the various social, economic and environmental challenges.‘ We are responding to the challenges of positioning and reinventing the models of all housing players, both in terms of strategy but also in terms of operational positioning on how to work and interact with the other stakeholders.‘

Arnaud Ménard

Managing Partner - Impulse Partners


They trust us

APSYS Group - Innovation strategy

Definition of the innovation strategy and operational implementation of the approach, to make innovation a lever for transformation.

Covivio- Innovation partnership

Monitoring carbon offsetting, analysing the market and assessing the level of maturity of the players in the value chain, and listing the players involved in financial or technological solutions for carbon offsetting.

JLL - Innovation partnership

Overall support for JLL in its innovation drive.

Proudreed - Offer development

Assisting in the development of innovative services for the clients of a real estate company.

SCOR - Asset revaluation

Helping to enhance the value of an asset so that it can be marketed.

Vinci Immobilier - Environmental strategy

Support in defining the objectives and deployment method for an environmental strategy applied to managed residences.


Nos clients et partenaire témoignent

‘Impulse Partners has perfectly understood the mix of things we can do in a pragmatic way to bring our projects to fruition.’

Antoine JanicotManaging Director - ETPO Immobilier

‘With Impulse, we have spread the notion of innovation throughout Erigere's different areas of activity.’

Stanislas Jobbe-DuvalGeneral Director - Erigere

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