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Manufacturers of all kinds are facing major challenges that are impacting on their business models: digitalization, decarbonization, energy transition, resource scarcity, etc.

Prepare for the future

Accompanying manufacturers towards the industry of the future means helping them in their transformation towards an industry that is more respectful of the environment, more integrated into local communities, more efficient through its digital transformation, and more concerned with the well-being and safety of its employees. In short, it's an industry that takes a long-term view. This reflection leads manufacturers to study, test & deploy innovative solutions that must form part of a symbiotic relationship with the business, and thus identify for each use case the most appropriate transformation with the right technology, the right use and the right business model.

In today's world, these discussions can only bring their full value to industry through the sharing of visions, best practices and needs, the pooling of resources and, ultimately, a form of collective learning that will shape the industries of tomorrow.


Impulse Partners helps manufacturers define and implement innovation strategies

  • Business digitalization: what tools, from IoT sensors to artificial intelligence, can be used to digitalize expertise and optimize infrastructures, maintenance, on-site safety, etc.
  • Decarbonization: what solutions can be implemented to limit, offset, store & reuse the CO2 emitted by industrial companies?
  • Energy Transition: which energy mixes to implement to create the cleanest and most efficient energy schemes possible, from producer to user, taking into account local resources and constraints, while optimizing current infrastructures.
  • Circular Economy: how to identify and connect material deposits with their future outlets, with which technological processes, according to which business models, and how to enable sustainable scaling-up.
  • Offshore development: how to apply all these themes to maritime activities and all their stakeholders.

They trust us

Creation of EVOLEN'UP

Design and co-management since 2018 of the evolenup multi-corporate innovation platform dedicated to the energy transition.

HVAC installation - Industrya

Support from the definition of the fund to Industrya's investment thesis (industries 4.0, new materials and energy transition) and completion of all due diligences over the last 3 years (more than 20).

Circular economy market study

A Europe-wide study of all the ecosystems (funds, universities, laboratories, etc.) providing circular economy solutions for industry and filtering for Orano's businesses.

Design and operation of a digital centre

In partnership with Al Gihaz and Accenture, design, programming and operation of a venue dedicated to digital innovation, hosting international companies and start-ups in Saudi Arabia.


Our clients and partners testify

‘I appreciate Impulse Partners’ methodological expertise, its understanding of our sectoral challenges and the nature of our businesses.

Impulse helped us set up the Industrya Corporate Venture Fund: roadmap, creation of the business plan, challenge of the termsheet and shareholders' agreement, model shareholder contracts, model acceleration contracts with start-ups, website content to ensure a “start-up language”, etc. Impulse advised us on how to structure the governance (board of directors, selection committee & investment committee) and helped us put together Industrya's management team by identifying highly qualified professionals. Impulse also supports the start-ups it invests in in their international development.‘

Gildino TavaresMember of the Board of Directors Industrya (John Cockerill)

"The Impulse team has in-depth knowledge of TotalEnergies' internal processes and understands our priorities.

Our innovation and sales teams can communicate easily with them. They have demonstrated their agility in finding solutions tailored to our needs, and in delivering value through concrete collaborations. Several PLANT4.0 solutions have been deployed, some of which have even been integrated into our internal tools. Their approach to the ecosystem, with its high-quality networking, is a real differentiator for us and for start-ups. The Impulse network is also a good way of exchanging ideas and showcasing the various collaborations between major groups and start-ups.‘

Florian BergamascoProduct, Value & Innovation Manager - TotalEnergies Digital Factory

‘The aim that we have is actually to be able to take the good ideas from the startups, but then integrate them into these large industrial companies to try and have pilots or tests to see if these ideas can help us with the challenges we have."

Myriam CuylaertsProduct and Value Manager - TotalEnergies

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