Third-party design

From real estate appraisal to the operation of innovative spaces and the construction of financial and organizational models, we put our expertise and our ecosystem at the service of real estate and construction players in France and abroad.

Co-construct, imagine, innovate, operate

Our customers innovate to create places within cities and territories that bring people together, stimulate and encourage transformation. Impulse Partners works with them to create the most appropriate models for third places: incubators, innovation labs, or even spaces for cooperation between major corporations, innovative companies/startups and city players.

Impulse Partners has contributed to the creation and management of over 10 innovation hubs and incubators in France, the UK and Saudi Arabia.


Tailor-made support for the creation of innovation centers/hubs

  1. Experience

    Support for real estate players in structuring their innovation strategy, as well as in implementation and operation

  2. Skills

    our multidisciplinary team includes a town planner / architect / sustainable development consultant / real estate development / real estate economics

  3. From project management to marketing

    Dual experience in strategy and operational management to provide end-to-end support in thinking, designing, building, operating, running and marketing innovative spaces

  4. Co-construction

    Ability to work in partnership and adapt our support offer according to the pace and needs of the urban and real estate project

  5. Network of players in urban projects

    Elected officials, decision-makers, designers, tenants, investors and operators in the real estate and regional sectors


Our team

Our specialized innovation teams, our network of expert planners, architects, economists, builders and managers, and our long-standing ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurs and private-sector players in construction, industry and real estate put us in a unique position to support you in the realization of your third place.


Locations co-developed with Impulse Partners

Impulse Partners has supported the creation of new innovative spaces for sustainable cities and industries (incubators, innovation labs, cooperation spaces between large corporations and innovative companies/start-ups).

Le Catalyseur / POLD

Léonard / Vinci

The Digital Innovation Centre in Dhahran / Aramco

Station F / Paris

Spark Digital Center / Aramco

some examples

The locations we have co-developed

Le Catalyseur

Léonard • Vinci

The Digital Innovation Centre in Dhahran • Aramco

Station F • Paris


Our customers and partners

‘Innovate like a start-up: our magic formula is simple!

The projects are surrounded by talents with a wide range of expertise, to ensure that they are both profitable and disruptive. We help our customers to confront ideas with market reality, to move from theory to action, to move from the role of project manager to that of entrepreneur.‘

Antoine ThuillierAssociate - Impulse Partners

‘Supporting the sector’s adaptation to new practices, driving digital and environmental progress

The world of urban and industrial infrastructures is facing immense challenges linked to the optimization of resources, changing uses, and the environmental and societal impacts of their activities. Our mission is to help stakeholders in the sector to take into account new uses, to accelerate their digital transformation, and to drive their environmental transition. In practice, we help them strengthen their capacity for innovation, explore new avenues, experiment with new business models, and invest in new businesses.‘

Thomas Le DiouronFounding Partner - Impulse Partners

Want to create an innovative new space?