OpenCitiz Team

Alan Houdelette

A specialist in the public sector and digital technology, as Director, Alan leads the firm’s activities.

Alan began his professional career in a peri-urban and rural area, as a parliamentary assistant and then as director of the cabinet for a municipality and an inter-municipality. For 6 years, he was responsible for piloting all the local public policies of the territory, as well as its departmental and regional files.

In 2019, Alan became deputy delegate general of the Movement of Intermediate Size Companies (METI), where he participated in the development of the Strategy Nation ETI which puts these structuring companies of the territories, at the heart of the economic policy of the Government. He then became Huawei’s public affairs manager, in charge of territories for the platform RSE and implemented a project to set up a 200 million euro factory in France.

Alan has expertise in digital and technological issues, in the management of large-scale projects at the territorial and national levels, in strategy and in organizational, digital and environmental transformations of territories.

He is also a specialist in the Far East, American politics and international relations. He is a graduate of INALCO and Panthéon-Assas.

Fanny Brûlebois
Director of Development

A specialist in the public sector and innovation issues, Fanny leads the firm’s development strategy.

Fanny started her career in Paris as a consultant at McKinsey Implementation before joining the French Prime Minister’s office in 2013. In charge of projects related to the reform of the State at the SGMAP (Secrétariat Général pour la Modernisation de l’Action Publiques), Fanny joined the State startup team of the DINSIC (Direction Interministérielle du Numérique et du Système d’Information et de Communication) headed by Henri Verdier. In 2016, she co-founded OpenCitiz to meet the growing demands of local authorities in the field of digital transformation and territorial innovation.

Fanny has expertise in territorial innovation and smart territory strategy, as well as extensive experience in leading multi-partner ecosystems and in managing large-scale programs and projects at the national and territorial levels. In addition, as a local elected official for 8 years, she has an excellent knowledge of local authorities. Fanny is also a member of the scientific committee of the Cité des smart cities at Sciences Po.

Fanny has lived in France, the United States, Russia, Canada and the United Kingdom. She is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics.

Cyril Soulaïmana
Project Manager


Project manager and senior consultant, Cyril joined OpenCitiz in 2020.

In France and Canada, he has developed solid expertise in the field of innovation in cities and territories and in digital consultation at the local level. His past experiences have led him to understand both the public and private sectors, as well as the digital environment in private companies (Microsoft France, Fluicity) and in the world of local authorities (Rennes Métropole, Saint-Malo Agglomération). This understanding has allowed him to shape a complete and multidisciplinary understanding of the stakes and problems related to territorial innovation.

Today, as a senior project manager/consultant at OpenCitiz, he uses this know-how to provide strategic and operational support to local players in the implementation of their digital territorial projects.

Cyril speaks and works in English and Spanish.

Marine Chevallereau
Senior Consultant


Marine is specialized in the analysis of territorial innovation and urban development policies.

A graduate of the Urban School of Sciences Po Paris, she worked as a consultant at the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy in Mexico City.

Specialized in sustainable development and mobility, she has accompanied several Mexican municipalities in the elaboration of their travel plans and the installation of intelligent transportation systems.

She has also contributed to the evaluation of Mexico City’s urban security policies and is the author of several research papers, notably on gender and mobility issues. At OpenCitiz, Marine works on smart territory projects, analysis of new uses, and projects related to mobility and territorial innovation in general.

Marine has lived in Mexico, Argentina and France. She is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Mariana Caye Velho
Junior Consultant


Mariana is a consultant in territorial innovation and local public action strategy.

Graduated from Sciences Po Grenoble, Mariana is specialized in Local Government Management and local digital transformation. With a versatile profile, her experience in local strategic management and in the management of territorial projects allowed her to contribute to consulting missions for the Inter-American Development Bank on sustainable innovation projects. She has also been involved in Smart City projects in Barcelona, where she has learned about the latest trends in this field for territories and public administrations.

Mariana has lived, studied and worked in Brazil, the UK, Spain and France. She is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

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