Trino Beltran

Trino has a background in construction engineering. He led the innovation at Bouygues Construction and then at VINCI Construction France.

With his hands-on experience in developing innovative projects, he supports intrapreneurship projects.

He is also CFO of the startup Aexdo.

Hervé Biancarelli

Hervé’s experience is in construction, materials, infrastructure and BtoB distribution sectors.

He was Chairman and CEO of Point P Travaux Publics (Saint-Gobain).

He brings his expertise in business development of innovative solutions, pricing and investment advice.

Thierry Braine-Bonnaire

Thierry has extensive experience in R&D and innovation in both construction and energy sectors.

He was Director of the MECD Institute, head of department at the CTSB and construction R&D Director at ArcelorMittal.

He supervises consulting missions in the fields of energy, environmental and digital transition.

He is also Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the company Energisme.

Florence Dubernet

Florence has held various communication and marketing positions in the engineering, industry, construction and social real estate sectors.
A certified coach and psychopractor, Florence accompanies individuals and groups in their projects. She is also a facilitator, trained in community animation techniques and collective intelligence tools.

She brings her expertise in accompanying innovative projects: from the definition of the problem to the ideation, from the DNA of the offer to its storytelling, up to the animation of communities.

Delphine Baudu

Delphine has a dual background in engineering and entrepreneurship.

For 14 years, she was in charge of engineering projects in France and abroad and in project management, notably in the pharmaceutical industry, while contributing to the training of young people at the École Spéciale des Ingénieurs des Travaux de la Construction.

She has been accompanying major accounts for more than 10 years in defining and monitoring strategic vision or organizational transformation.

She brings her expertise in supporting innovative projects: testing new ideas, communicating on an R&D project, reviewing business processes, renewing practices, etc.

Stéphane Currenti

Stéphane’s experience is in the finance, construction and industry sectors.

He was Managing Director of  BTP Capital Investissement, CEO of BTP Capital Etudes and co-founder of the BTP Impact Local fund which invests in infrastructure and equipment projects.

He brings his expertise in market and corporate finance (IPO, fund raising, M&A, …), financial and operational management of SMEs/Mid-caps, governance and project, risk management and business development and strategy.

He also chairs the Startup Studio “assets-up” focused on health application.

Nadine Coulm

Nadine has served as Director of Financial Communications and Director of Financing for listed companies.

She is very involved in the innovation financing ecosystem, as a business angel, strategic committee member and mentor, and committed to entrepreneurial diversity and impact. Nadine also helps company leaders clarify the company’s value creation strategy to attract investors and accelerate development.

She brings her expertise in financial communication, financing strategy and financial management.

Alain Bechtel

Alain’s background is in energy, utilities and engineering sectors.

After having held positions of responsibility in several international companies, he was Vice President Innovation at Engie.

He brings his expertise in project management and corporate finance, as well as startup mentoring.

 Gauthier Belhomme

Gauthier has a vast experience in engineering, construction and  oil & gas sectors.

He was Technical Director of Suez. He then created and/or managed several international engineering offices and startups.

He brings his expertise in start-up management and development, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, strategy, risk and extra-financial valuation.

Julien Gardette

Julien has operational experience and expertise in innovation and digital technology in construction, construction materials, energy and engineering sectors.

After 10 years in operations, he was in charge of innovation and digital transition at Léon Grosse.

He supervises strategy consulting missions as well as startup mentoring. He brings his operational support on his areas of expertise.

Sylvain Gilibert

Sylvain’s background is in consulting in energy and utilities, services and retail sectors.

He currently leads Atometrics, a company specialized in the design of economic and financial analysis tools.

He brings his financial expertise in corporate strategy: transfer pricing, mergers and acquisitions, business plan, asset valuation, … 

Robert Gresser

Robert has a background and expertise in evaluating innovation opportunities, from a strategic marketing and technical perspective, in the chemical, energy, environment and consumer sectors.

He has held several executive positions at Solvay for more than 15 years.

He brings his expertise in innovation, open innovation and strategic marketing, particularly in the energy and environment sectors (hydrogen, biomass, CO2 capture and use, green chemistry, etc.).


Hubert Du Fraysseix

Hubert’s background is in real estate development and management for companies.

He was Director of Commercial Real Estate at RIVP to develop incubators, startup incubators and business real Estate.

Today, he manages audit and real estate strategy missions.


Guy Turner

Guy has a background in the construction and promotion sectors, his experience has allowed him to develop a vision of the entire value chain.

He has held positions for more than 8 years at Rabot Dutilleul, notably in the Sustainable Development and Innovation division.

He brings his expertise on eco-design of buildings through a mastery of ecological issues and solutions. He has skills in project and stakeholder management.

He is currently a consultant on the challenges of ecological transformation in construction.

Fabrice Mandroux

Fabrice has a background in technology, innovation, and energy. During his years as a Technology Manager he managed various projects in these fields.

He also has more than 20 years of experience in the marine sector. He was responsible for the marine business unit at CGG, where he oversaw the construction and coordination of international business units composed of over 1800 employees.

Today he manages consulting missions in digital transformation, strategy, and start-up mentoring.

Thierry Cartage

Thierry has a background in Innovation, Communication, R&D and Technology in the process industries.

He spent more than 30 years at Solvay in several positions related to the Group’s industrial activities and was in charge as Senior Vice President of Process Performance and Digital Transformation.

He brings his industrial expertise and strategic vision to help companies in the technological assessment of their investments, to accompany them in the digital transformation and to help them meet their challenges in terms of performance, sustainability, growth and human commitment.

He is currently managing consulting missions in these areas.

Christian Gellier

Christian has extensive experience in launching new businesses in the media, telecom and real estate sectors.
In particular, he has managed the development of new activities in various subsidiaries of the Bouygues Group, in France and abroad.

He is now President of Money Time Conseil, a company that provides strategic consulting services to senior management.
He has also published several reference works on management.

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