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  • Push4M
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    The Push4M lever arm activator allows the lifting and moving of large masses while mobilizing much less energy (at least 50%) than traditional activators using longitudinal traction.
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    Artificial intelligence that simplifies the information flow and reporting. This machine-learning solution minimizes project management risks and optimizes organization.
  • InsideVision
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    Inside vision created the InsideOne touchpad that can be used by blind people. This touchpad can transform visible characters into Braille characters thanks to a Braille keyboard.
  • Backacia
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    Marketplace for the reuse of building materials from construction sites (either from demolition or from over-shipment).
  • Les companions
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    Develops painters-robots to assist in the painting building
  • ContractChain
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    ContractChain uses the blockchain technology to digitalise, authenticate, simplify and ensure the accuracy of construction contracts.
  • LBInventive
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    Real estate app that simplifies researchs for private individuals (geolocation, transparency of property’s information…)
  • Silent Space
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    Controls the ambient noises in a shared workspace : it spreads a soft and neutral signal which improves the acoustic comfort of the room and the acoustic environment of each work station.
  • Squadrone
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    Unique drone system designed as an autonomous mobile camera, which can be used as a videosurveillance solution.
  • Little Thumb
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    System of location and guidance focusing on the needs of large public users, to facilitate the movement of people inside buildings etc.
  • Ween
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    Connected thermostat with automatic regulation according to the occupants’ distance from home
  • Accenta
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    Solution for carbon free energy production and storage.

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