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Construction and Energy
Digital Construction and Robotics
Disruptive Real Estate
Mobility and Infrastructure
Plant 4.0
Social Housing
  • Hub-grade
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    Digital platform that connects companies with unused office space and professionals looking to rent offices for a flexible period.
  • Mon Maître Carré
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    Platform allowing individuals or companies to explain their interior layout and decoration project, for which they receive 3 propositions from professional decorators and interior designers.
  • Colodge
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    Creating properties designed for flat sharing, offering living spaces adapted to everyone’s needs and budget
  • Remedial Performance
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    Ability to provide tailored-made IoT solution that fits any customer needs within short period at controlled costs.
  • Augment
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    Numerical application that enables companies to show products integrated in real time and size to the environment
  • Neo-nomade
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    Intermediation platform between users of coworking and coworking spaces (wifi cafes, offices , meeting rooms ...).
  • OuiHop'
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    First urban autostop application that connects pedestrians with nearby motorists who heading in the same direction
  • Egreen
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    Management of water consumption, electricity, gas by monitoring and support. A platform with fun and social features (challenges, video games in particular)
  • Suricog
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    New interface generation men-machines based on the eye’s behaviour
  • Spartime
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    Management and control of remote access (car parks, buildings, furniture, services).
  • Air Serenity
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    Connected , smart and discreet air purifier fighting allergies , asthma, bad smell and microbial pollution.
  • Silent Space
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    Controls the ambient noises in a shared workspace : it spreads a soft and neutral signal which improves the acoustic comfort of the room and the acoustic environment of each work station.

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