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  • Supermood
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    Every week employees receive a three-questions A survey about well-being in the company. The results are displayed live to HRs and propose personalized advice to improve the culture of a company.
  • La Bonne Brique
    Check it Out connects all the market players in the building sector to a dedicated marketplace. The site allows professionals to deposit or consult a showcase of their activity describing their offers and services, proposing their achievements, while referencing their standards, insurance (RGE, Decennial).
  • Aerys
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    Storage and sharing platform of 3D-files used to optimise project management, customer experience, digital model and training sessions
  • CityLocker
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    Company of urban luggage lockers: 100% automated, located in the center of Paris, bookable online, available 7/7 from 8h to 22h
  • Suna Environnement
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    Indoor air depollution solutions that address issues of public health, well-being at work, productivity improvement and economic optimization.
  • Resair
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    Replace traditionnal solutions of concrete wall reservation (cavity for cables or windows)
  • Sylfen
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    Development of integrated storage and energy production solutions for buildings and eco-neighborhoods wishing to source their energy needs from local and renewable sources.
  • Distran
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    Type of sensor that contactlessly check the leaks nearby and is able to pin-point in real-time the leak locations.
  • Cubik Home
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    New modular housing concept with high-performance concrete
  • Intent Technologies
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    Operating system dedicated to smart building which connects all building’s actors, services and equipment on a single shared frame
  • Sentryo
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    Cybersecurity for Industrial control systems
  • Saffron
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    LED bulb respectful of the circadian cycle: it optimizes the interior lighting to improve sleep quality and well-being of the occupants.

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