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Mobility and Infrastructure
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Social Housing
  • iBAT
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    iBAT Appli is a multi-vendor material control application
  • Suna Environnement
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    Indoor air depollution solutions that address issues of public health, well-being at work, productivity improvement and economic optimization.
  • Sylfen
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    Development of integrated storage and energy production solutions for buildings and eco-neighborhoods wishing to source their energy needs from local and renewable sources.
  • Citeazy
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    Mobile application enabling finding workplace companions for public transit.
  • Ecodrop
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    Connects craftpersons with recycling centres with preferential rates for its clients
  • K-Ryole
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    Intelligent Electric Bike Trailer for easily transporting up to 250 kg behind any bike
  • BMCP
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    Help with the adoption of disruptive innovations in transport (consulting, experimentation and adoption, connected vehicles ...).
  • Géolocaux
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    Advertisings platform specialized in the real estate for company (desks, warehouse, premises) offering added-value services (digital visit, search engine taking into account every occupant’s address…).
  • Smart Cast
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    Industrialization of concrete floors for collective residential buildings with casing modules delivered and customized for the site.
  • Solen
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    Thanks to a single picture, Solen’s techonology is able to measure and qualify the potential natural light of the represented space.
  • Isogec
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    Full-height-facade construction system in shuttered concrete to do extern and intern thermal insulation in the same forming operation. This system complies with thermal and acoustic requirement and the verticality of buildings.

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