Life at Impulse

Since 2011, Impulse Partners has been expanding thanks to our team, who is closely involved in our development. Together, we have defined our raison d’être: “Accelerating the sustainable transformation of cities and industries”.

The impact of our missions

What is the real impact of our missions?

Our activities stimulate innovation by supporting startups, large groups and territories. This innovation is always intended to serve considerations of performance, resilience, new uses, security, energy sobriety, or social inclusion.

Our support allows:

  • startups to maintain their activity, thus contributing to the creation of jobs,
  • local authorities to promote the attractiveness, economic development, and ecological transition of their territories,
  • large corporations to support the transformation of their business model, but also of their corporate culture.

The economic impact of our actions has been demonstrated and recognized by all our partners, as well as by government services (for example, we manage revitalization programs to stimulate job creation through innovation).

To create a more significant impact, the Caisse des Dépôts, “the bank of general interest”, acquired a stake in our capital in 2021 to support our development.


Our Working Methods

Where do we work?

Our headquarters is located on the top floor of the Boucicaut eco-district – with a panoramic view of the 15th arrondissement of Paris. We also have an office at Station F where we host startups on the theme of Smart City. We operate the Catalyseur de l’innovation et de l’entrepreneuriat (at La Défense), as well as at the Hub des Territoires (13th arrondissement), which is a facility of the Banque des Territoires that we are partners with.

We regularly visit our clients (meetings, events, workshops, etc.) but work from our locations most of the time.

Trust is a core value at Impulse, so we also allow our teams to work from wherever they want (remote working).

What is the work culture at Impulse?

Impulse values its employees by allowing them to quickly take on responsibilities, regardless of their seniority, and to embody its values: commitment, autonomy, entrepreneurial spirit, team spirit, critical thinking, and self-confidence. The level of responsibility varies according to the position of each person, and our management is vigilant in training and supporting the evolution of the consultants.

Impulse recruits and supports the development of talented individuals with varied backgrounds (business, engineering, architecture and urban planning schools, IEP, university, etc.) and experience (humanitarian, corporate, consulting, entrepreneurship, associations, international, etc.).

Career paths are defined on an individual basis, to adapt them to the expectations of each person: managerial development, development of new offers, development of sector expertise, etc. Every six months, evaluation interviews allow us to monitor these individual paths.

Is there an opportunity to get involved in the development of Impulse?

We are a young company in full growth mode, with a strong entrepreneurial DNA. Taking initiative is highly valued, and is expected of our teams.

Involvement can be based on current topics, and on each person’s skills and availability: thematic summaries, organization of internal events, business development, creation of new offers, organization of training, improvement of processes and tools, contribution to recruitment, etc.

The Typical Workday at Impulse

What moments mark the week ?

The Monday morning Team Meeting allows us to start the week together, analyze the events of the past week, carry out a commercial follow-up and project ourselves collectively for the week to come.

The team also meets every Friday at noon during an internal seminar – which is an informal meeting in which a different consultant leads a conversation about a particular topic (the development of a new offer, a personal project, or to share feedback on our missions).

What about team unity?

Many events are organized within the team for team building purposes: cooking on a barge, Koh Lanta in a castle, climbing sessions, “five” sessions, afterwork get-togethers, bowling, karaoke, dinners, or even Secret Santa. We like to invite our former employees, partners and startups that we are close to! The Covid-19 pandemic has not prevented us from establishing a cohesive team unit.

Furthermore, at Impulse, there is a climate of benevolence, tolerance and mutual aid so that everyone feels free to express themselves and to be a true part of the team.

How is the integration into the team?

Impulse is growing, which means that there are many people joining us for an empowering professional experience.

We have designed an integration process that allows each team member to meet one another, but it is also within the framework of our missions that integration takes place. Our missions allow each consultant to develop fields of expertise that they are encouraged to embody within the team.

All our employees are encouraged to participate in the training of newcomers and to remain available to guide them.

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