Our Team and Alumni

Jérôme Pasquier

Jérôme joined Impulse in 2017: at the time, he was manager of a team of 6 people. Today, he is a partner in a company of over 30 people.

For him, Impulse is:

  • The opportunity to develop an innovative energy and industry sector with a positive impact,
  • The pride of having contributed to exponential development of entrepreneurial projects,
  • A stimulating professional experience, and a rapid evolution.

Solène Bordenave

Solène jointed Impulse in 2018 as a consultant. Now a senior consultant, she is responsible for the development of the public sector practice. 

For her, Impulse is:

  • An accelerated learning experience and an immersion in the world of entrepreneurship,
  • Permanent intellectual stimulation in exchanges with teams and clients,
  • A “management laboratory” where all styles mix, and where goodwill is constant.

Zineb Bouchikhi

Zineb joined Impulse for the first time in 2020 during a gap year. She returned at the end of her master’s degree as a junior consultant.

For her, Impulse is:

  • An opportunity for leadership and responsibility, and valuable prospects for development, both in terms of missions and management,
  • A strategic vision on key subjects: low carbon, comfort, health and well-being in real estate, innovation and territorial development,
  • A multidisciplinary and multicultural team, where each career path and each voice finds its way to fulfillment.

Benjamin Bodin

Benjamin joined Impulse in 2019 as a Consultant. After 2 years with us, he joined RATP Capital Innovation as a Venture Capital Analyst. 

For him, Impulse is:

  • Two very formative and intense years at the heart of the innovation ecosystem
  • The opportunity to work with a wide variety of actors, from startups to large corporations and investment funds
  • A springboard to the world of Corporate Venture investment

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