Biomimicry is a process of innovation and engineering which consists of taking inspiration from living organisms. Its forms, structures, properties or even modes of organization are studied, and used in solutions to solve human problems.

The biomimetic approach is a multidisciplinary approach between life science and technical fields. Although in full expansion, the approach is not new (Leonardo da Vinci, the Wright brothers, etc.), and is intended to be a way of designing technologies that are not only more sustainable, but also more efficient – since they would benefit from the millions of years of evolution of our ecosystems.

Biomimicry can be applied to all fields, from medicine to industry, and many solutions today tend to be inspired by living organisms to revolutionize uses – whether in the design of the solution or in the production of the process.
In 2015, a European Center of Excellence in Biomimicry (CEEBIOS) was created in Senlis, to make this approach a vector of ecological and technological progress.

To give you a few examples of bio-inspired innovations in the industrial and construction sectors, we wanted to highlight three of our startups: Structurys Biotech, FinX and Bioxegy. The videos are in french but our startups speak english and are more than happy to exchange with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!


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