Vestack announces that its new production line will be installed within a 30,000m2 former industrial land plot with up to 30 related jobs

The startup, proptech dedicated to offsite construction, also raises €2.6 million to boost development, increase production capacity and finance R&D projects. The funds were raised from venture capital and private equity firm Karista and business angels

Morever, the startup was awarded the international Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Solution label in recognition of the efficiency and sustainability of its building solution, and announced the installation of its new low-carbon modular construction factory in Paris.
Vestack designs and builds low-carbon and bio-based buildings in the form of modules assembled off-site. The company relies on digital design technology and an industrialized construction system. Vestack’s clients are real estate developers in the sector of multifamily residential, hospitality, small offices and educational buildings. The Proptech allows them to deliver projects reducing their carbon footprint, costs and delays.

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