The earth water reserves are rapidly dwindling, and the urbanization is developing way much faster than the drinkable water treatment and distribution construction.

The UN values that 4 people out of 10 suffers directly from the water rarefaction in the world. Meanwhile, the professional federation of water companies values the leak rate to 20% in France- scaling to the water volume transported in the distribution network and the water volume used.

The obsolescence of the French network, which was mostly created in the 1960, is the first cause of such rates (corrosion, settling, deformation, fragility, pricking…). Our European neighbors record similar results: 21% of water lick in the UK, 27% in Belgium, and over 38% in Italy.

Improving the water network quality is only a part of the solution to the water rarefaction.

41 million euros will be allocated to this objective between 2019 and 2024. This aspect much be joined with:

The demand reduction, by educating the population to reduce their needs and help them optimize the water use

Optimizing the grey water use, by applying the circular economy principles and transforming the grey water into new resources to be used again.

We selected 3 startups to address this problematic. These solutions address water professionals, real estate experts and individuals.

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