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As you know, our sectors of activity are facing unprecedented societal, environmental and economic challenges. These are tremendous opportunities for all the players in place, and in particular startups, who are trying to provide solutions to help their transformation. This is particularly the case for the government funded construction sector, which is seeing more and more of these new players evolve. Through this communication, we decipher the startups that address this market and we give you direct access to the video pitches of three of them.

Despite the fact that French public works are often precursors and innovators (especially in technical engineering, for the construction of engineering structures, as for the Normandy Bridge in 1994, for example), start-ups have long shunned this sector in comparison to the building industry. This could be explained, in our opinion, by various reasons: delays in the digitalization of the sector, a smaller market size than the building sector and a complexity linked to public procurement. In 2022, this no longer seems to be the case.

To learn more from our point of view and to discover three innovative solutions for public works, read the full article here

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