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Today, we would like to address the issue of the industrialization of construction which includes off site construction. This construction method reduces the environmental impact of buildings, secures the production chain, and limits the nuisance of construction sites.

Via the links down below you have direct access to the video pitches of three startups from our ecosystem that offer solutions contributing to the industrialization of construction projects.

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Improving productivity is an important issue in construction. This includes optimizing site organization, avoiding hazards and delays, and improving overall quality. One possible way to progress is off-site construction which is an alternative to traditional construction methods.

Off-site construction is, as the name implies, construction that takes place off-site, in a factory or workshop. This industrialized construction helps face many challenges encountered in the construction sector.

In particular, it contributes to overcoming challenges related to quality, cost reduction, and deadlines through design, planning, production and assembly in a factory or workshop. Indeed, this method males it possible to carry out phases simultaneously which would traditionally be carried out successively.  These processes also allow the development of sustainable construction techniques with a controlled carbon impact and thus contribute to the various transitions that the construction sector must carry out. They allow the use of various materials such as concrete, metal or wood, and facilitate better waste management and reuse.

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