🚀 [Startup news] // Inclusive signage, simulation of flows in urban spaces, optimized bicycle parking and vertical agriculture

💡 Discover the 5 innovations that our partners have chosen to integrate into our Smart City platform!

👉 Picto Access par APF France handicap offers diagnostics and updates of accessibility data with a supply of pictograms that allow 8 audiences in fragile situations to find their way around 👏 Caroline Isadora FRAENKEL & Daniel Grancho

👉 Fyma developed an urban planning tool to improve user comfort and performance of multipurpose facilities 👏 Karen K. Burns

👉 bike.box offers bike parking modules to optimize the footprint 👏 Guillaume Marchaut

👉 Futura Gaïa proposes a turnkey vertical farming device to facilitate food production in urban and peri-urban environments 👏 Pascal Thomas

👉 ONHYS specializes in modelling and simulation of pedestrian flows, crowd movements and user behavior in urban spaces 👏 Sébastien Paris & Julien P.

🙌 Many thanks to Chloé Friedlander for her presentation of the innovative initiatives of the Banque des Territoires in the field of smart and sustainable territories

🙌 Thanks also to the platform partners Bouygues ConstructionDEMATHIEU BARDEiffageFFB – Fédération Française du BâtimentLéon Grossesetec and SUEZ

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