As a result of the ever-growing connection between regions and countries, international development is essential for businesses, in order to ensure their long-term growth.

While it may be a daunting task to take on a new market, far away from the comfort zone of the company, a “soft-landing” is often the best way to enter a foreign market. This introduction is often facilitated by high-level players in the region in order to stimulate competition and growth, helped by their detailed knowledge of the local environment.

One way to accelerate innovation and the introduction of new solutions in a region is to hold conferences, workshops, and gatherings that reunite both domestic and international players. This is what VivaTech offers seeing that it is Europe’s largest technology trade show, and brings together tech leaders, startups, investors, and major corporations.

Impulse Partners has long-standing expertise in offering guidance to international players to gain visibility on a global scale. In partnership with the City of Montréal, we led a program aimed to identify innovative solutions originating in Montréal and connect them with major French players in their relevant fields of expertise including construction, energy, and infrastructure.

Mobilizing our in-depth expertise concerning French industry dynamics and our long-term relationships with key industry players and stakeholders, the program began with the analysis of the proposed solutions, followed by interviews with the teams in order to have a deeper understanding of their needs and potential added value for the actors identified on the French market.

The startups were then put in contact with high-level French players which led to 33 B2B meetings and multiple relationships were established between the two ecosystems.

This experience was an excellent opportunity to discover and promote new innovative solutions from abroad!

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