We spend nearly 80% of our time in enclosed spaces and breathe an average of more than 13,000L of air every day. Indoor air quality (IAQ), exposed to various harmful pollutants (furniture, coatings…) or health threats that are transmitted through the air, is then a health and well-being issue.

It is possible to measure the effects of a good IAQ on people (better productivity, feeling of well-being, etc.), as well as those of a poor IAQ: headaches, fatigue, allergies, which are reflected in companies by an increase in the level of absenteeism, etc. The consequences are also visible at the building level, with the increase in costs related to operation (ventilation system, etc.) and, ultimately, to the value of the property. The challenge is all the more topical as our buildings are becoming increasingly airtight, particularly in order to comply with energy regulations, and as ventilation depends all the more heavily on mechanical systems and their proper installation and maintenance. The current pandemic is linked to a virus that is a priori transmissible in the air (in particular through projected aerosols). It gives new emphasis to IAQ issues, which are already receiving increased attention from users, owners and operators.

We wanted to highlight 3 start-ups working to improve IAQ: Foobot, CozyAir and Rubix. All are part of the Immowell-Lab ecosystem, designed and run in partnership with Arp Astrance. Without constituting concrete answers to the specific challenge of Covid-19, these solutions address the different components of air quality: measurement, modeling, adaptation, etc…

Find the video pitches here : https://cutt.ly/Klzp4iz

The videos are in french but our startups speak english and are happy to discuss so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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