Our planet’s water resources are dwindling, and urbanization is occurring at a faster rate than the construction of infrastructure to treat and distribute drinking water. The UN estimates that today 4 out of 10 people suffer directly from the scarcity of water in the world.

At the same time, the Federation of Water Companies estimates that there is a 20% leakage rate in France – the ratio between the volume of water introduced into the distribution network and the volume of water consumed.

The obsolescence of the French network, which dates mostly from the 1960s, is the main cause of such a result (corrosion, settlements, deformation, brittleness of connection tapping points, etc.). Our European neighbors have comparable performances: 21% leakage rate in the United Kingdom, 27% in Belgium and up to 38% in Italy.

Improving the performance of the water network is part of the answer to the problem of water scarcity (example of Hydrelis). 41 million will be allocated to this objective between 2019 and 2024. This aspect must be accompanied by :

  • A reduction in demand. Acting at the level of citizens so that they consume better, and less (example of Hydrao).
  • Greater use of grey water. Applying the principles of the circular economy, and ensuring that wastewater or grey water becomes a resource in turn, through reuse or reuse (example of ThermiUp

We have chosen to present three start-ups that all provide a solution to these challenges: Hydrao, Hydrelis and ThermiUp. These solutions can be aimed at professionals in the water and real estate sectors (landowners, landlords, etc.) as well as private individuals.

The videos are in french but our startups speak engiish and would be delighted to discuss with you. Don’t hesisate to reach out if you are interested.

Find the video pitches here: https://cutt.ly/nlzjUi5


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