Women account for less than a third of startups in France. Yet more than two-thirds of them say they are tempted by entrepreneurship.

In the Impulse Partners ecosystem, only 10% of our startups are headed or co-headed by women. In fact, we have two additional biases:

  • Tech is still not very feminized, with only 5% of management positions in Europe held by women.
  • The construction, real estate and industrial sectors still suffer from this “boys club” image: women are rarely present, and are mostly in administrative positions.

Obstacles to female entrepreneurship have recently been better documented. Most of them are due to social and cultural biases: less integration in professional networks, social pressure that leads to careers that are perceived as more stable and less engaging, etc.

The need for gender diversity at all levels of decision-making in society and in companies is no longer questioned. In addition to the imperative of equality, the development of teams and even the performance of companies are also considered.

Impulse Partners is proud to contribute to initiatives aimed at removing the obstacles to the under-representation of women in our sectors of activity. We are committed to :

  • Be exemplary within our scope, in particular by ensuring the gender mix and inclusiveness of our events, as well as in our internal practices (human resources, partnerships, service providers, communications),
  • Contribute to building a different image of entrepreneurship, technology and the construction industry – we are signatories to the Sista charter. By promoting projects led by women, we are helping to improve the representation of these models, with whom future generations can identify.

We would like to introduce you to 3 of our startups founded or co-founded and led by women by giving you access to their video pitches (click on their names): Spotlight, Optimiz Construction and Tao & Co. Please note that these entrepreneurs have broken free from environments or themes frequently referred to as “feminine”.

The videos are in french but our startups speak english and would be happy to discuss with you- don’t hesitate to reach out !

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